"Beautiful collection of short stories from daily experiences with insights into life. Makes one stop to mull over our daily routine. Nice, enjoyable read highly recommended to bring along for your next vacation." Amazon.com

"Life Around the Edges is a collection of blog[s]...that will touch the heart and inspire the soul. Dreisinger’s diverse background and philosophical foundation invigorate each story...Highly recommended."  F.F.


life along the way...so far so good

"He has a gift.  I am not referring to the gift of writing creatively, although Ted Dreisinger has that gift in abundance...I am referring to a gift that is even rarer.  He has the gift of opening himself to complete strangers...with authenticity...His rewards are shared stories of amazing scope and variety...through his lens, life takes on extra color and spontaneity, less routine and regimen...."  G. Walther

"...through his lens, life takes on extra color and spontaneity, less routine and regimen..."

"Life in Small Bites" belies its title: savoured with the hopeful thoughtfulness it deserves and evokes, it very quickly becomes a delicious mouthful...profoundly personal...all of us can identify...." J.S.

"...a perfect title for this book recounting what to some would appear to be the common, incidental experiences that occur in our daily lives but which can leave us with life-long memories and lasting change over the course of our lives." F.C.

What readers have said

I'm pleased to announce the release of my third book in the 'life' series: life along the way- so far so good. These books are a gathering of weekly blogs I have written for several years. They are  reflections of life experiences with which we can all identify.

E D   D R E I S I N G E R