I was born in Toronto, Canada, and have lived the majority of my life in the United States. I'm the son of a Baptist minister and a mother, who was the wisest person I ever knew.  I came to the U.S. at the age of four, spending my early years in a number of places. The longest period of time amongst the beautiful hills of West Virginia. It was there I graduated from high school and eventually college. I went on to graduate school in Wisconsin and Missouri, where I finished a  Ph.D. in the mid-1970s. While residing in the U.S., I returned to Canada multiple times a year for holidays and summer cottaging into my fourth decade.

I am married and pleased to be living with the lovely and talented Molly Ann. We co-habit with three geriatric cats: Leah, Sarah, and Hannah and all feel we are fortunate to live in the Sonoran Desert environs of Tucson, Arizona.

I've done a few things in my life. I have been to war (Vietnam)...taught a little university...done some professional writing...traveled and spoken around the country and world...written three books and spent a lot of my life comforted by the spiritual and philosophic writings of those, who express things I felt, but for which I simply could not find words.

I suppose like most of us, life has not always been clear...answers not always simple...pathways uncertain. As the stages of life unfolded, the energy of youth, the inquisitiveness of the second and third decades, the routine working years, and finally the glide path pointed toward a terminal landing, I have found heartache, benefits, and rewards.

Sharing life experiences in this series of 'life books,' is a way is a way to share the common themes we all encounter. Everything we have seen, tasted, smelled, touched, or heard...every person we have met and everything we have done, has been recorded in the hard drives of our minds. Join me for parts of my life journey. My guess is that you will find common threads to your own.

About Me

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